Private schools in Putney
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When looking at private schools in Putney, parents want high standards. Yet, at the same time as learning, parents want their children to have fun and thrive. Well parents can delight in the four private schools of Putney that strive for excellence while teaching future generations. They pride themselves on their high academic achievement levels, their pupils’ emotional wellbeing, and curriculums that spark intellectual curiosity and identify talents. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the private schools’ parents can choose from in Putney.

Private Schools in Putney

1: Hurlingham School

  • 122 Putney Bridge Road – Putney – SW15 2NQ
  • Gender Profile = Coeducational
  • Size = 410

They say they are one of London’s best prep schools with an enviable achievement of pupils who go onto academically selective senior schools in London. Teachers want to stay ahead and develop, nurture and challenge pupils to become critical thinkers thirsty for knowledge. Teachers encourage children to consider their place in society and seek opportunities that impact communities while caring for others. Hurlingham says teachers will provide happy atmospheres for children to thrive. Experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff provide opportunities that promote creativity and independent thought. Teachers nurture self-confidence, self-discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem, thirst, and enjoyment of learning. The school also fosters a welcoming environment with family values, good manners, and respect for one another. This Putney school wants to

  • Educate and develop pupils with excellence
  • Provide moral communities for pupils to live amicably with peers within nurturing atmospheres.
  • Provide stimulating, enjoyable environments for children to develop a love of learning
  • Ensure all pupils receive an excellent education regardless of abilities and talents
  • Provide a broad curriculum to develop children’s confidence and independence for adult life

2: Prospect House School

  • 75 Putney Hill – London – SW15 3NT
  • Gender Profile = Coeducational
  • Size = 307

Prospect House offers a curriculum for children aged 3-11 that achieves excellent academic results. Having won the Becta ICT Excellence Award for London’s Best School and the national ICT Excellence Award for the Uk’s Best school, the ISI also called the school outstanding. Nurturing individuality is their core focus by achieving excellent ISI ratings in all areas. They say this evokes endless possibilities, encourages creative thinking, and allows children to think creatively while having fun. As a team, they actively encourage close relationships between parents and staff to ensure happy and successful learning. This gives teachers deeper insights into each child’s wellbeing and progress, so they adopt open-door policies to discuss educational or personal development concerns. Teachers will nurture every pupil and give them the confidence to achieve their personal best, and feel secure, happy, and valued. They offer children an exceptional education and encourage them to be independent thinkers.

3: Putney High School GDST

  • 35 Putney Hill – London – SW15 6BH
  • Gender Profile = Girls only
  • Size = 1073

Academically high-achieving, rounded and responsible, Putney is down-to-earth and dynamic with an emphasis on challenging, inspiring, fun, and relevant learning. Students build friendships and develop their intellect, with opportunities to make a difference. Putney High School is a leading UK school with a down-to-earth academic and broad curriculum and a modern edge. They focus on engaging new ideas and strongly focuses on developing intellectual agility and teaching students to think differently. East Putney High School opened with 54 pupils in 1893 and since then fulfilled its values with forward-thinking approaches to teaching and learning, with a modern and relevant culture that inspires future ideas. Teachers also offer holistic education focusing on individual pupils to encourage integrity, compassion, respect, and social responsibility.

4: Falcons Girls School in Putney

  • 11 Woodborough Road – Putney – SW15 6PY
  • Gender Profile = Girls (some boys)
  • Size = 108

Falcons School provides independent education for girls aged four to eleven years. Meanwhile, Peregrines Nursery School offers independent education for children from two to four years on the same Putney campus. Teachers take great pride in developing pupils into happy, kind, and confident individuals. With high expectations, they provide learning tailored to individual needs. Boys progress to Falcons Pre-Prep in Chiswick or local schools, including Rokeby and Tower House. In comparison, girls transfer directly to Falcons School for Girls. In Year 6, pupils receive places at top schools as resourceful, self-aware, and inquisitive girls. Peregrines Nursery School and Falcons School are committed to safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. All pupils, regardless of age, needs, disability, racial/cultural heritage, religious belief, or sexual orientation, have protection from harm and abuse.

Teachers want to…

  • Every pupil to treat others how they would like to be treated
  • Offer an inclusive environment and celebrate diversity
  • Be an actively anti-racist school community and encourage pupils and staff to challenge stereotypes and discrimination.

Teachers believe passionately in…

  • Recognising links between wellbeing and academic achievements
  • Encouraging ambitious learning
  • Fostering children’s natural curiosity, positivity, and resilience
  • Engaging children in their role as world citizens
  • Instilling the importance of leading by example.

At Falcons School, each pupil is allocated a House on entry, from Nursery to Year 6. Children belong to separate school houses, including Neptune, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. This provides opportunities to compete and perform, culminating in pupils coming together every week in assembly to celebrate achievements. House points are given to individual pupils for academic achievement and learning efforts in learning, good manners, and behaviour. The House with the most points at the end of term is awarded the House Cup, and House winners receive a mufti day.

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Private schools in Putney

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