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If you’re buying or selling a property in Putney, you need an accurate property valuation report to make the best decisions. However, this can be a difficult process. The Putney Estate Agent provide an accurate property valuation that allows you to get your property value. Combined with our unrivalled knowledge of the local property market, we have an unparalleled understanding of how to calculate the value of your property.

When you use our Estate Agency service, you are working with a team of experts that will advise you on how to take care of your property, what it might be worth, and how to help you through the full selling process. Give us the opportunity to find out what your property is worth in the current market. Call us on 0208 049 3087 to book a valuation.

What is Property Valuation?

A property valuation is a written statement that reflects the value of a property as at a specified date. The process of creating a property valuation takes a wide range of factors into consideration, such as location, condition and even the recent sale prices of similar homes in the same area.

A valuation can help determine the amount of your home’s resale value and the amount of capital gain tax due when you sell. Property valuation is also important to determine if you should buy or try to sell your property. Property valuations are used for a number of reasons, whether as part of the due diligence process (for example: protecting an investor’s interest in a particular deal), or as the basis for purchasing or selling property. Call us on 020 8780 1100 or 020 8780 3604 to book a valuation.
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Why Do You Need Property Valuation?

Sales Listing

Measuring the current market value of your property helps you determine an accurate listing price and strategy.

Property Insurance

You can use the information from property valuation to decide how much insurance you need for your home or the contents of your home.

Mortgage Applications

In order to get a mortgage, you will have to provide property valuation details for your home. Banks and mortgage lenders will use these details to set the price they are willing to lend you money for the purchase of a property.


Property valuation is necessary for any type of financing. From obtaining a mortgage to refinancing your existing loan, or obtaining a loan from the government, etc.

Investment Analysis

Property valuation is very important for investment analysis.  You can easily know the present value of a property and also you can estimate the future value of a property by knowing about its current value.


Property valuation helps the government determine how much tax you need to pay. This is important because it enables them to determine your ranking in terms of wealth and subsequently ensures that you pay the right amount of taxes. Let us do the hard work for you and make sure you get the best price possible for your property. Call us on 0208 049 3087 to book a valuation.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Do not hesitate to use The Putney Estate Agent! The Putney Estate Agent’s are experts in property sales to suit your needs. Their friendly and experienced staff provide a service that goes above and beyond expectation. Rob, Brighton.

I really appreciate all your help during the valuation of my first home. You made it easy and pleasant with no fuss. Oliver, Sussex.

The Putney Estate Agent were incredible – they really knew the market, were in close touch with us every step of the way and made the whole process seamless.

They helped negotiate with the seller the terms of the home sale we wanted, negotiated a home warranty for us and represented our interests all along the way at all levels. Jack, London.

Within 24 hours of the initial call, they had a good understanding of what I was looking for and their honest and flexible approach made me feel as though this was the company I was going to choose. They kept their promise in getting me into my new home within 7 days.
Leo, London.

The Putney Estate Agent

The Putney Estate Agent is a fantastic Estate Agency. Their bespoke home search service tailored to our needs was faultless and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. After taking us out to view numerous properties, and patiently dealing with all of the decision-making, they successfully negotiated the sale at a great price for us and got the first-time move over and done with in less than 2 weeks.
Jacob, London.

Why Choose Us

Years of Experience

We have been in this business for many years and will be pleased to provide you with a comprehensive report on your property. We can also help you in every aspect of selling your property.

High-Quality Service

We offer a high level of quality service throughout the entire process. We always give you our honest opinion about what to do with your property in order to get you the right return on investments.

Negotiation Skills

Set aside your fears and let our expert negotiators do what they do best – fiercely fight for you. We are here to negotiate on your behalf, saving you the stress of doing it yourself.

Bespoke Service

When you choose The Putney Estate Agent to handle your property valuation, you are choosing to work with people who care about your needs. We take the time to get to know our clients and their needs in order to provide a custom-made service.

Accurate Valuation

We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate valuation possible. Our team of experienced professional valuers are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive property valuation service that is accurate.


Our aim is to offer first class service at competitive prices. Affordability is at the heart of what we do, that’s why our fees are based on a commission of the sale/buying price so you know exactly how much you’ll pay. Call us on 0208 049 3087 to book a valuation.


Can my house sell for more than the valuation?

Yes, the value placed on your property by an Estate Agent is not definite. Your home will receive lots of interest from buyers and there is no certainty where offers will end up. The valuation you receive from us is a strictly factual issue. Offers will be made above or below the value, depending on how desperate a buyer is or how much the vendor would prefer to accept an offer over another. There are many other factors that may affect your selling price – like comparable sales around your area and the way your house is presented.

Why do property valuations come in different?

The valuation of a property is a complex process for which there is no universally accepted formula. Each valuation is unique and therefore will use different premises such as values provided by recent transactions in the local market. For this reason, you could get different valuations on the same property. In order to arrive at a property valuation that objectively reflects the value of your property, we use a number of different methods that analyse different variables, all of which are important in determining the current accurate market value.

What do you look for when valuing a property?

To value a property we look at many issues and performance indicators to provide an honest appraisal of the value. We consider three aspects of a property when valuing it for our clients: its market value, its development value, and its investment potential. We also look at any roof or structural damage that might need repairing for any investment potential if you plan to put your property on the market again in the future.

What brings down property value?

The major cause of dropping property value is neglect. Neglect is the reason why an amazing home in a great neighbourhood gets passed over. Take the time to make small repairs before they balloon into large expenses, and always keep your house looking nice. Buyers feel at ease when they don't have to worry about how much they're going to have to spend on maintenance issues down the road.

How do I prepare my house for valuation?

The biggest factor on whether your home will sell well is how it's presented. Before we view your house, tidy up, leave a light on if it is not, this helps to create an inviting atmosphere and ensure the place looks as good as you can make it.

How much do you charge?

A lot less than our competitors! Our charges are commission based, so we don't charge a fixed fee. The percentage varies depending on the sale value and the type of property.

What if I have other questions?

If the FAQs have not answered your questions please give us a call on 020 8780 1100 or 020 8780 3604 and one of our dedicated members of staff will be happy to help you.
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