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The majority of Putney residents are young professionals and those looking to raise a family. The area’s relative prosperity makes it a peaceful, healthy place to live.

What is Putney in London like?

Situated in leafy South West London by the river, Putney faces Fulham across the Thames. It is in Wandsworth borough, just within Zone 2. Putney is perfect for those who want a little peace for their city lifestyle, characterised by stunning architecture, plenty of greenery, and the knowledge it’s a safe environment. The quick overland service to Waterloo and the rows of grand houses may threaten to turn it into a commuterville. Still, because of the busy high street and the family scene’s vibrancy, Putney manages to maintain a small-town feel and charm of its own.

What is education in Putney, London like?

Putney has long been a popular place for families, with excellent state and private schools. Putney is a huge draw for families as the location is safe to live in. In the Putney catchment area, there are 32 primary schools, 12 of which have been graded ‘excellent’ by Ofsted and 11 as ‘good.’ There are 12 in terms of secondary education, with ten offering education for 16-18-year-olds as well. Ofsted has graded two schools as ‘outstanding,’ and there are various highly rated independent schools.

In terms of higher education, the position of Putney in Zone 2 means that most of London’s top universities are within easy reach, and several highly-regarded undergraduate and postgraduate courses, teacher training, short courses, and CPD are provided by the nearby University. South West London is not regarded as ‘Nappy Valley’ for nothing to those smaller family members, and Putney is no exception! Check out bounce and rhyme and storytime at the local library for the most pleasant of tiny tots, and plenty of fun to keep small children happy and safe.

What is housing like in Putney, London?

Some decent housing in Putney can be surprisingly inexpensive considering the city’s well-to-do nature – the slightly average transportation system takes the sting out of the price a bit. Wandsworth Council Tax claims to be the cheapest in London. Something just off the high street is likely very costly, however, if you are prepared to be a bus ride or walk away from the centre of Putney, you can look at a reasonable rent payment in a shared house, given how good the area is, something of a bargain.

Going out in Putney, London

Most of the cafes, bars and restaurants towards the river are concentrated north of the station. Ideal for families who enjoy an evening out together. They can get busy but not rowdy, enforcing a safe family atmosphere.

Living in Putney, London

Southwest London is characterised by its greenness, and Putney is no exception. With woods, open spaces, and the picturesque pub nestled in its centre, Putney Heath is small but friendly. At 2500 acres, Richmond Park, in the southwest, claims to be the largest urban park in Europe. It features a golf course, horse riding, some beautiful old buildings, and even running around over six hundred deer.

To the south is Wimbledon Common, not as complete, but still an enjoyable slab of greenery. TV fans may remember it as the Wombles’ home in the children’s TV show of the 70s, and as a centrepiece, it features a pretty windmill. The only downside to the parkland’s acres is the fox hordes they produce, but if that’s all you need to worry about, opt for Putney and you will love the lifestyle and feel safe in this leafy location.

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