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The charm of Putney Heath in Greater London, also known as Putney Upper Common, attracts many families with leafy suburbs within easy reach of amenities and facilities. But let’s not forget the green spaces, parks and open-air attractions, luring in first-time buyers with valued and esteemed reputations throughout England. In addition, the natural flora and informal recreation activities without large crowds make this a highly desirable place to live, especially if you are a family. If you are looking for property in Greater London, the whole area is worth putting on your list of potential places. Let’s explain why.

About Putney Heath in the Greater London Area

The Green Man, Highwaymen and Duels

There is no better way to start this article then by proving that the heath is not a new found popular place. Indeed, the popularity stems right back into history. Some favourite talking points are famous highwaymen, of which one, Jeremiah Abershaw often frequented the Green Man pub on the heath’s northside, where he was arrested in 1795.

Executed at Kennington, authorities hung the body in a chain gibbet publicly to warn others not to practise highway robbery. Local urban legends also say Dick Turpin drank in the green man pub. Aside from highwaymen, wealthy men fought many duels here.

In 1667, the Buckingham Duke killed the Earl of Shrewsbury here so he could romance his wife. In 1798, William Pitt, the youngest prime minister and William Tierney MP resolved disagreements over Parliamentary Bills with pistols. The heath was also home to a semaphore station belonging to the Semaphore chain that allowed the navy admiralty to send information from Portsmouth to Whitehall in 15 minutes.

Grand Homes of Putney Health’s History

As well as popularity, the affluent status stems back generations. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many grand homes sat around the Hill and Heath. They included Grantham Manor, Ripon House, Ashburton Manor, Exeter House, Gifford House and Dover Manor.

Indeed, a 1990 report classified the hill and heath as affluent back then; however, they also noted the lack of churchgoers despite many places of worship. They attributed this to city gents who travelled from central London for pleasure.

Unfortunately, most grand historical houses don’t exist today, but to know more about affluent, historical homes, read the Wandsworth History organisation’s Villas and Mansions building report.

Who Owns Putney Heath?

So, now let’s discuss some most frequent questions posed to us by house hunters in the area. Putney Heath comprises woodland, open glades, and picnic areas. Altogether, the Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath and Putney Lower Common cover 460 hectares and are managed under Wimbledon and Putney Commons act.

All three are legally protected from construction under the 1871 Commons Act. So, residents don’t need to worry about future privatisation and construction. Covering 168.3 hectares, the health stems from the windmill up to the A3 and just across it. Sitting at the top of Putney Hill, the heath stands separately, even though it sits next door, only separated by the A3.

Is Putney Heath Posh?

Affluent Putney Heath offers rural, family and village vibes, a close distance to all modern amenities, and peaceful living on leafy streets. Putney features well-established close-knit communities with open spaces, services and strong identities, making neighbourhoods perfect alternatives to nearby Central London. In terms of property, it is not one of the lowest priced areas, but residents enjoy an upmarket scale of living.

Is Putney Heath a Good Place to Live?

The heath’s strong sense of village community, with access to superb shopping, excellent schools and picturesque attractions, makes the area a perfect family place. Various clubs host activities and recreational pursuits like fishing, walking and horse riding, but enjoy the great outdoors at your own pace. With transport to London by rail, this commuter town also offers confident safety for families.

The excellent transport links include short walks to the centre or bus rides to the tube station, Gunnersbury Station and Fulham Broadway Station. For quick commutes into central London, drive 30 minutes up the A3212. However, there are many more routes to other places in Greater London. Overall, the area ticks all the boxes that future house hunters often place at the top of their lists.

Local Points of Interest on the Heath and Putney Hill

During summer, those living in central London visit at weekends. They flock to see the whole area and attractions like the nearby 17th-century Fulham Palace, initially built on the land for the Bishop of London with gardens and a deer park.

The nearby Palace Museum also gives insight into royal connections throughout the centuries. Then, of course, sitting right next to the Heath, Wimbledon Common is another green park space for families to enjoy, run, walk and cycle.

An ample open space on the south side between Wildcroft Road and Tibbet’s Ride hosts fairground rides for one week in October. The ground rent goes towards charity. Roehampton Cricket Club, established in 1842, play at Wildcroft and Telegraph Roads village green and has done since 1859.

In 1770, authorities erected a stone and brick obelisk to make the great fire of London on its 110th anniversary. This grade 2 listed obelisk stands today next to the Telegraph public house on Wildcroft road.

Buying Property in the Area

The extraordinary growth over decades now features an eclectic mix of modern townhouses, historic properties and elegant Georgian houses in desirable locations. There is an abundance of properties in this centre area of Greater London.

Investment potential stems from proximity to central Putney centre and Fulham, an excellent transport network, and a solid family-friendly reputation. Roads with potential for permanently living here include Dunsford way, Kersfield Road, Wanbourough drive, Norley vale, and around Tibbet’s corner. A prime address and benefit is Portsmouth road, right in the heart of the area.

Also, look at Nearby Westmead

Nearby Westmead offers peaceful environments with green space access to Putney Heath, Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park within short walking distances. Residents tap into the varied shops, restaurants, and transport hubs of Roehampton, Putney, Barnes, and Wimbledon while being ideally situated for excellent local schools, amenities and transport links.

Visit Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Common, next to the heath in the south, is bordered by Wimbledon Park in the east and the A3 in the north. Residents love the local wildlife, cycling, walking, and jogging paths, and several lakes and streams, including Beverly Brook.

Delving into the historical timeline of the common is an exciting journey through landmarks like the 18th century Wimbledon Windmill Museum and café. The Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators ensure this beautiful green space and wildlife are maintained for future generations.

The Delightful Putney Commons

Putney Lower Common, a triangular-shaped area south of the River Thames, is bordered by Putney Embankment, Putney Heath, Putney High Street, and the south–west railway line. Nearby residents can enjoy several sports facilities, including tennis, football, and cricket.

Like Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath, the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators manage the commons to ensure the preservation of wildlife, birds and trees. Altogether, these three beautiful recreation and green living areas showcase why Putney Heath is one of Greater London’s most desirable places to live.

How We can Help

Putney Heath, a highly sought-after London location, has excellent transport links and top schools. But finding your ideal home for sale can be time-consuming and exhausting when relocating. This is because there are so many different property types at different prices. Easily find your dream home by letting us do all the work.

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