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Welcome to The Putney Estate Agent! With over 30 years experience helping to sell homes in Putney and the surrounding areas, you are in good hands. Our dedicated team of specialists will ensure your property is marketed within the local area as well as reaching a wide national audience, for maximum exposure. The The Putney Estate Agent team are skilled professionals who have access to the local market information and have an understanding of the effective marketing tactics to promote sales and achieve the highest possible price for your property.

We provide exceptional service with quality time spent with each client

The Putney Estate Agent are focused on providing clients with the highest level of service and expertise to sell their homes. We offer a full range of marketing tools such as print advertising, the internet, direct mail, personal selling and property staging to help you sell your Putney Property. Our office holds a history of successful property transactions in Putney.

By working with local experts in Putney, you can expect an honest opinion on your property’s value and quality; as well as the opportunity to compare offers from several different agencies. Our expertise, wide knowledge of the local market, access to professional networks and dedication to our clients’ needs will help your house sell fast and for a top price. Visit us at 194 Upper Richmond Road, London SW15 2SH  or call us on 0208 049 3087 . 
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Our 5-Step Plan for Selling Your Home Successfully & With No Stress

Step 1. Get in touch

The Putney Estate Agent is a team of highly trained professionals that will take over the stressful task of selling your house for you. When you get in touch with us, we will have a chat with you to see what your options are and how we can meet your expectations. We’ll get to know more about you–and your home. We ask questions to help us better understand what your needs and concerns are, and discuss our plan for a successful sale. Our estate agents will focus on the most important details of your particular situation and how they apply to selling your home. They’ll explain our process, schedule a showing and get back to you with a fair market value sales price estimate. We feel that it is important to understand what your goals are in selling your home. We want to make sure we provide you with the right service level so you can reach your goals and sell your home quickly and at the top price. Our service is not only stress-free, but we are also always available to answer questions via phone, email or text at any time.

Step 2: We view and value your property

We’ll visit and take photos of your property in order to properly value it and provide you with a fair listing price. We take all the guesswork out of the process. We’re here for you each step of the way and help you sell your house fast with the least stress.

Step 3. We market your property

Setting a price on your property is just part of selling a home. You also need to market that property. We will discuss the marketing of your property to make sure it gets the maximum exposure, both online and offline. With a The Putney Estate Agent, you won’t just get a professional realtor. You’ll also get access to a comprehensive suite of marketing services designed to sell your home quickly at its highest possible value. We have the insight, resources, and expertise to help you reach more potential buyers than ever before, from print advertising to a website that highlights your listings on local search engines, to a comprehensive social media campaign.

Step 4. We arrange viewings with potential buyers

Our agents have the experience and market knowledge to price your home correctly from day one and help you sell it quickly and for the best price. Next, we advertise your property locally through our own marketing channels and via major websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Propertyfinder and Primelocation to help it reach a wider audience. Once we’ve found a buyer for your home, we’ll negotiate with them directly and handle all the necessary paperwork while guiding you through each step of the process to ensure a quick and simple sale.

Step 5. We help you seal the deal

Once the buyer has agreed to an offer, our agents can help you with all the steps to make your sale final. We’ll help you negotiate the final details of the sale up to exchanging of contracts with the buyer, completing conveyancing and ensuring an easy handover.

Why Choose Us for Your Property Sale?

Knowledge of the local market

Our knowledge of the local market and our commitment to providing excellent service is why The Putney Estate Agent property is your go-to Estate Agent in Putney and the surrounding areas. With our extensive knowledge of the area, we are able to provide you with insight into what’s unique about each property and address any concerns you may have.

Expert advice and personalised service

Whether you’re buying or selling property, you’ll find a range of services to meet your needs. Our friendly team provides expert advice and personalised service, so your property experience is a positive and rewarding one. We have the experience to assist you in making an informed decision based on your individual needs.

Online and offline marketing of your property

In today’s fast-paced property market, proper marketing is the key to a fast and profitable sale. We have both the knowledge and experience to get your property sold at the highest possible price with the least amount of inconvenience to you. We can list your property and get it sold quicker than most other agents. Our realtors are experts at marketing homes for sale and will utilize the multiple listing services to get you the maximum exposure possible.

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And speak to The Putney Estate Agent on 0208 049 3087

The Putney Estate Agent

Independent estate agent for 30 years

We have been helping families move for over 30 years and are the closest independent estate agent to you in Putney and the neighbouring regions. As an independent agent, we offer a completely unbiased service. We will guide you to the property sale that is right for you and your family.

No hidden fees

At The Putney Estate Agent, we believe in simple, clear and honest pricing which means that you can budget with confidence and have no hidden costs. We achieve this by being totally transparent about our costs from the start, something that most other agents can’t or won’t do.

Some of Our Customer Testimonials

In all of my property transactions, I have had outstanding results with The Putney Estate Agent. The Putney Estate Agent not only has the experience you need to sell your home but also to find the one that meets your lifestyle goals and financial needs.

– Hailey C.

Working with The Putney Estate Agent Agents was an absolute pleasure! I quickly realised that they were extremely knowledgeable about the property process, the area, and about building and construction. Not only are they professional and courteous, but also very easy to get along with. The best part of my home selling experience was the support I received from them throughout the whole process. After working with them, they were more like friends than realtors (I am sure some of their other clients would tell you the same). I would recommend these guys to anyone!

– Thomas B.

I really thought that I needed to sell my house before I put a sign in the front yard. I was wrong. Warren came by, we made some adjustments, and he sold it for me over the weekend. I got £8,000 more than my asking price. He also helped with the paperwork for me and found someone to take care of my house while I was gone. A local friend recommended him and I’m glad she did!

– Benson F.

The Putney Estate Agent is the best realtor in Putney and the surrounding areas. He is the consummate professional, continuously striving to meet the needs of his clients. His personal service is unsurpassed, and his knowledge of the area is outstanding. I sold my house in two days!

– Robert W.

We have had the pleasure of working with The Putney Estate Agent over the last two years. We have been impressed with his excellent knowledge of the region and his excellent interpersonal skills. His service levels are very high and he would be an asset to any company or individual seeking to expand their sales or property management offerings within the region.

– Clark K.

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We have a dedicated team, ready to help with your property needs. Building your wealth is our number one focus. Your investment is our priority! Call or book an appointment with The Putney Estate Agent. Whether you are buying or selling, you can trust us for your property needs! Simply fill out the contact form below to book your free upfront valuation! Or visit us at 194 Upper Richmond Road, London SW15 2SH or call on 0208 049 3087 .


I want to sell a property. What do I do first?

First, you need to register your details on our seller’s form, with some general information about yourself and your property. Once you have done that, you can contact us either by phone or email or visit us at our office. We will then confirm this and send you our contract document for you to sign at home. If you are outside the UK, we will send you a scanned original of the contract prior to signing so that you can sign it in front of a notary. Once we have got this, we will market your property across our wide and reliable marketing channels and arrange an appointment for a potential buyer to visit your property.

How much will it cost to sell my property?

There are many factors that determine how much it will cost to sell your property. The exact pricing will depend on the location, condition, size and contents of your home. We understand the difficulties of selling a property alone and what can seem an almost impossible task. Why not let us make it easier by providing you with a no-obligation valuation today!

Where will my home be advertised?

Your home will be advertised on our website and on websites of partner brokers, as well as our social media marketing channels and via major websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Propertyfinder and Primelocation to help it get maximum exposure and traffic of qualified buyers.

How are viewings arranged and conducted?

We schedule home showings for interested buyers to view the property at convenient times, after which we follow up with a phone call. This gives you, the seller ample time to prepare the property for the viewing and enables the buyer to ensure their busy schedule can accommodate this visit.

How long will it take to complete my sale?

After we have found a suitable buyer and prices have been agreed, we will require you to provide us with some necessary information to close the deal. We will then prepare a contract and send it to you. Once you have reviewed and signed the contract, we will finalise the sale. This can take as little as 24 hours but usually takes a little longer. We will keep you informed of the progress through emails and phone calls.
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And speak to The Putney Estate Agent on 0208 049 3087