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If you are interested in purchasing a Putney Thames property, our Putney estate agents will put all their experience to work for you. From terraced houses to luxury riverside apartments, The Putney Estate Agent estate agents have a wide-ranging property portfolio to suit all tastes and requirements. Now you can find the perfect Putney Thames property at the right price through our dedicated Putney estate agents in the Thames. With over 30 years of experience in Putney Thames, we are one of the most experienced estate agent teams in the area. Let us help you find the perfect new home in Putney Thames. Contact a member of our team to discuss your property needs today.

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Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a property in Putney Thames, make sure you are working with experts who can provide the best service! With a Royal connection, excellent transport links, and the river Thames running through the heart of the area, it’s no wonder many people are choosing the area to call home.

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If you’re looking for a property or investment in Putney Thames then we can help you. We have a full range of properties on sale in Putney Thames which includes flats, houses, and maisonettes of different sizes depending on your tastes and budget. At The Putney Estate Agent estate agents, we have a property for everyone. Get in touch today.

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Why Buy a Property in Putney Thames?

There are many reasons why people buy property in Putney Thames, a popular part of London, and one that has seen a significant increase in value over recent years. It is the perfect location for residents who want easy access into Central London and its world-famous attractions, but who want to also enjoy a cheerful, neighbourhood feel. Not many other areas have the same quality of life as Putney Thames. You’ll have everything you need within easy reach – fantastic shops, restaurants, sports facilities, schools of all ages and classic bars. Whatever type of property you are looking to buy in Putney Thames, we can help you find all the best options available to you.

Property Prices in Putney Thames

Scratching your head over what you can afford to buy in Putney Thames, London, and not getting anywhere? Find out exactly what the property prices are in the area and what you would need to earn in order to buy a home here. Whether it be flats, houses, or bungalows, we have the answers! Now you can see the price of homes in Putney Thames with ease. Click on your desired price range and check through what is available. Whether your budget is big or small, we can help you find the ideal property in Putney Thames.

Local Points of Interest in Putney Thames

It’s not just the long stretches of beautiful ship-strewn shoreline or the stunning Victorian architecture that makes this area so desirable. It’s a sense of community you will find nowhere else. With its charming riverside location, beautiful parks, and striking architecture, there’s plenty you will love when staying at Putney Thames. Boasting everything from leisure centres to museums, the city is full of interesting landmarks to visit.

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A few of the attractions in Putney Thames include the Cunard House, The Thames Eye, Tower Bridge, and the Thames Town Garden. The Thames is particularly interesting because it is a repository of all things memory.

Flowing with the historical, artistic, and architectural heritage that is unique to each of the countries of Europe, you can cross with minimal bother from one country to another, from antiquity to modernity.

Glide down the river on a Thames cruiser and pass under bridges through a maze of canals before cruising by beautiful Victorian houses, splendid gardens, and imposing castles.

Transport Links in Putney Thames

You can get around Putney Thames by bus, train, and ferry. The area has excellent transport links to different parts of the country. The closest airport is Southend (SEN) Airport which is 9.6 miles away. Transport in the Thames area includes a comprehensive bus network, frequent train services from London Waterloo station to towns, a hovercraft service that crosses the River Thames, and ferries across the river at various locations.

Sell Your Putney Thames Property

The Putney Estate Agent is a Putney-based estate agency. We are happy to assist you in selling your Putney property at the highest possible price and in the shortest time.

Our Putney Thames agents are experienced, professional, and ready to help you achieve your property selling goals. With a team of experienced local experts and a huge range of services, we’re committed to achieving the best possible result for your property, no matter what kind of sale you’re planning. We’re happy to give you a home valuation and help you understand the process of selling your Putney home. If you need to put your Putney Thames property on the market, get in touch today.
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Buy-to-Let Opportunities

Putney Thames is a popular area with a growing population and many more people moving into the area each year. If you’re looking at buy-to-let opportunities in Putney Thames, you are on the right page and should speak to us at The Putney Estate Agent estate agents. We have a number of affordable properties for sale including modern interlocked terrace houses as well as old-fashioned semi-detached family homes. Get in touch today.

About The Putney Estate Agent estate agents

The Putney Estate Agent are your local estate agents in Putney Thames, offering a professional service for over 30 years. Our local knowledge and friendly approach are second to none. We offer one of the best in property in Putney Thames and our team of friendly and helpful estate agents offers real property service with expert local knowledge, plus we have a huge range of homes on offer for sale in Putney Thames. We are confident we will find you the perfect property. Talk to us today to discuss your Putney Thames property needs. .

What Makes Us Different?

Knowledge of the Local Market

The Putney Estate Agent is arguably one of the best estate agents locally with a wealth of local knowledge. We have extensive local market knowledge which is continually updated to ensure we’re always up to date on changes in the property market. You can rest assured that we won’t be caught off guard by any surprises.

Expert Advice & Guidance

If you’re looking for expert advice and professional property advice, look no further than our exclusive team of local professionals who are committed to helping you find a perfect home as quickly, easily, and cost-effectively as possible. This is a dedicated team of professionals working hard to achieve one goal – to help you find the right property that suits your budget and taste.

Covid-19 Adapted Processes

We’re dedicated to providing you with a service that’s tailored to suit your needs. We understand the needs of our clients and aim to go that extra mile to help with friendly and professional service. We have put in place Covid-19 control measures so that you can choose to work with us and feel safe knowing that we care about your safety.

Independent estate agent for 30 Years

We have been in the business as an independent estate agent for 30 years and over this time have built a reputation as a reliable, friendly, and trustworthy local firm who pride themselves in providing an excellent personal service to their clients. We offer the expertise and experience that comes from being a premier estate agency backed by bespoke training tailored to the needs of our agents and clients alike.

What Our Current and Past Clients Are Saying About Us

Our clients are our number one priority, and we make every effort to make sure each and every transaction is handled with the utmost professionalism. Check out what people are saying about us below!

  • My wife and I are very grateful to The Putney Estate Agent estate agents for helping us recently purchase our first family home in Putney Thames.
  • We had tried for several months to buy a house in Putney Thames, we couldn’t get any that suits our needs. We decided to contact The Putney Estate Agent. After a short while, they found the perfect home for us and we are now enjoying life in Putney Thames.
  • We were able to buy a flat reasonably close to the hub of the city while securely investing in our future. The Putney Estate Agent Agents helped us find just what we were looking for, and was able to provide all the necessary information and assistance required during our search.

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Whether you are looking to sell a property or looking for a new home, The Putney Estate Agent will be able to help. With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of local properties in Putney Thames, we know the area inside out and always have pristine viewing conditions for our clients. Get in touch with our team, talk to us to book a viewing today – it couldn’t be simpler.


Is Putney Thames real property a good investment?

Yes, Putney Thames property is a good investment. While we have not seen significant spikes in prices over the last few years on a national level, Putney real property has historically always held its value very well. Purchase prices are again coming down, which makes it affordable to buy new properties and refurbish them for resale.

Do I have to get pre-approved for a mortgage in Putney Thames?

No, you do not have to get pre-approved for a mortgage if you do not choose to. Instead, the lender will usually run your loan application through their underwriting system once you've made contact and can start getting all the necessary documentation whether supporting documents or whatever information they need.

How many homes can I see before making an offer?

With us, the answer is as many as it takes - no pre-determined or arbitrary time limit means we will show you the homes you want to see, in some cases even giving you up to 10 minutes in each home alone. Whether it's your first home or your tenth we're here to make sure that all of your needs are taken care of and that your search for a new home is both enjoyable and stress-free.

How fast should I act after viewing a home?

The market moves incredibly quickly in today's real property environment. This is especially true when the right home comes on the market. Within hours, if not minutes, often multiple offers are submitted and in today's market, time is of the essence. Contacting your agent and submitting an offer as quickly as possible after viewing a home can increase your chances of success.

Can I change my mind after submitting an offer?

Absolutely. Our offer is completely flexible so there is no pressure from us to put in an offer and no pressure on you to accept our offer if you change your mind. We will only submit an offer when you are 100% happy with it and ready to move forward.
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