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It won’t be easy to decide whether or not to sell your Putney property. However, there are a variety of reasons why sellers choose to sell their homes. The Putney Estate Agent may alleviate your burden by selling your home on your behalf.

And the sooner you sell your home, the sooner you will receive the cash, which you may use for anything you choose, including buying a new home, relocating abroad, or anything else.

We are always more than happy to speak with clients who want to sell their houses, particularly those in the Putney district of Wandsworth in south London. The region is well-known for starting the annual boat club race between Oxford and Cambridge universities.

When selling your Putney house, here are some questions to ask an estate agent

If you’re considering using an estate agent to sell your property in Putney, there are some questions you should ask before you sell. Their responses will assist you in determining whether or not selling in this manner is the best alternative for you. Ask what is the real estate market in Putney like and why investing in Putney London is a good idea to prospective buyers?

What exactly do real estate brokers do?

Several real estate agents could refer you to mortgage brokers, surveyors, or conveyancers.

You are welcome to chat with them, but you are not obligated to use their services.

It’s always worthwhile to shop around because the savings might be substantial.

Estate agents not only market and sell homes, but they also do the following:
Take care of all paper work.

Keep an eye on the chain (of buyers selling their old home and sellers buying their new home).

Consult with your attorney.

Buyers and sellers are negotiating
Estate brokers do not handle surveys; you will require a surveyor; however, they may have partnerships in place to refer you to one.

How much time does it take?
There is no predetermined timetable for selling or buying a home. Buyers and sellers have varied requirements, and problems can arise, causing delays. It depends, do you have a luxury Putney property for example or a one bedroom flat?

Do you have any experience selling properties similar to mine?
Some estate brokers specialize in selling specific sorts of properties, so if yours has any distinctive features, such as the use of non-standard construction materials, they may not know how to sell it, and you may go months without receiving any offers. We had a recent successful sale where the couple moved to Henfield.

How much of a commission will I have to pay to sell my house?
When selling a home, estate agents often charge between 1% and 4% fees or more. This is an essential question because it will help you figure out how much of the profit from the sale of your home you will have to pay the estate agent.

How will you maintain track of my property or flat’s sale?
If you want to sell your home quickly, you need an estate agent who will constantly strive to pique potential buyers’ interest in your property. You will gain valuable insight into how hard an estate agent will work to find you a buyer by asking this question.

Will you be the one to sell my house, or will someone else from your firm?
It’s critical to have a positive relationship with your real estate agent to receive regular information on the progress of your home’s selling. It can be challenging to track whether the seller is working hard to locate a buyer if the sale is handled by someone you don’t know.

Fees for real estate agents
There should be no estate agent costs if you are purchasing a property for sale in Putney.
If you’re selling, you’ll typically pay your estate agent 0.75% to 3.5% of the sale price. Some internet realtors charge a set fee for their services. It may save you money, but even if your house doesn’t sell, you’ll have to pay for it.
Check that the fee includes VAT; otherwise, you’ll have to add an extra 20% to the amount.

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